Goodie Balls … We are a happy little small batch Byron Bay based boutique business and we are (just quietly) very proud of what we do. We are unique in that Goodie Balls are 100% Nuts, Fruits & Seeds. No powders, flours, fillers or additives. Gluten, Grain & Dairy Free; Vegan & Paleo with NO Processed Sugar. Simple clean pure real food.

We believe that understanding where your food comes from is just as important as how it tastes … we are rockin out on the Small Batch Business Revolution. Buy Local, Support Local & be a part of positive change.

Our packaging is Biodegradable & BPA Free. We use environmentally safe cleaning products & aids. We compost & recycle & use this as a decision making rule. We multi-use work space to minimise energy consumption and we constantly strive to reduce food miles.

We employ local people (thank goodness for great friends & family) & we support other locally based boutique supply businesses.

When the snacks are good … it’s good to snack!