Welcome to Goodie Balls … we think you’re awesome!

Super tasty, highly nutritious & health sustaining, Goodie Balls are totally delicious healthy snacks perfect for people who believe great tasting food should be good for you. Goodie Balls are 100% Nuts, Fruits & Seeds. No powders, flours, fillers or additives. Gluten, Grain & Dairy Free; Vegan & Paleo with NO Processed Sugar. When the snacks are good … it’s good to snack!

Goodie Balls come in 3 Delicious Flavours:

Almond & Date

Cashew & Goji

Hazelnut & Cacao


Goodie Balls come in 2 Packaging Options: Biodegradable & BPA Free

Cafe Bulk Pack

3 Pack



The grounded flavour of Almonds & the classic deliciousness of Dates combine perfectly in our Almond & Date Goodie Ball. Crunch it up with the added bonus of Pepitas & Sunflower Seeds, throw in Raisins for energetic luck and BAM … nature’s super parcels of goodness!


Imagine the creaminess of Cashews & Sesame Seeds, that unique tang of Goji Berries, the pure natural sweetness of Sultanas and throw in some Sunflower Seeds to balance it all out … the Cashew & Goji Goodie Ball is a burnt caramel nutty taste sensation!


It’s easy to see why Hazelnuts get called the king of nuts. Mix that with chocolate in its purest form, the citrus sweet of Currants, Dates just cause you can and you get to discover the pure joy of our Hazelnut & Cacao Goodie Ball. Guilt free greatness rolled up with indulgence!